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JB Racing has manufactured and supplied high quality lightweight aluminum flywheels to the performance industry for over 30 years. We are the original designer and manufacturer of the BMW E36 aluminum flywheel and serve many of the top BMW tuners in the US today. We also offer an extensive listing of OEM clutch-type replacement flywheels for Audi and BMW. We are constantly expanding our flywheel line to include offerings for the latest performance applications such as BMW 1,3,5-Series and Z4's utilizing the new N51/N52 6-cyl. engine. Our BMW listing includes the popular V-8’s and is the most comprehensive available in the industry.

All of our flywheels are designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house at our Tavares, Florida facility which allows us to maintain stringent quality control. You simply cannot buy a higher quality lightweight aluminum BMW flywheel… at any price!

We also offer ULTRA-LITE competition-only flywheel and clutch systems to BMW and Porsche racers who demand maximum performance from their vehicles. These flywheels and clutch systems are designed to have a very low Moment of Inertia (MOI) to achieve the ultimate performance from your engine and drivetrain components. These ultra-light systems utilize small diameter multi disc racing clutches. ULTRA-LITE flywheel/clutch assemblies may not be suitable for street driven vehicles.

Additionally, we offer a "mid-weight" steel flywheel (see photo below-far right) for BMW E36/E46 6-cylinder applications that employ the factory 5-speed transmission. This flywheel, coupled with compatible E36 M3 clutch components, provides reduced MOI and enhanced performance over the heavier OE DM flywheel while mitigating the transmission input-shaft gear rattle commonly associated with the replacement of the factory DM flywheel with a lightened flywheel.

Custom racing and/or specialty flywheels to fit other applications may also be produced utilizing our CAD resources and CNC machining capabilities to fit other applications. Please contact us for your custom application requirements.

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Flywheels BMW Flywheel Mini Cooper S Flywheel UL Flywheel/Clutch UL Flywheel/Clutch G-A Flywheel

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Stock Clutch-type Replacement Flywheels


ULTRA-LITE Competition/Racing Flywheels & Clutch Kits

Porsche ULTRA-LITE Flywheels

Engine Components

Our extensive racing experience, combined with many years of building race engines, has led to the development of many custom engine components which are designed to enhance both performance and engine reliability. Our aluminum fin-steel sleeved cylinders, solid timing chain tensioners and adjustable cam sprockets play a major role in our own in-house Porsche engine programs which have proven to produce reliable and extremely powerful motors. We also offer custom designed high performance valve springs and steel retainers for Porsche 911 air-cooled motors as well as valve lifters and aluminum roller rockers, in several ratios, for Datsun/Nissan A Series applications. Our custom oil line fittings simplify plumbing connections where AN -12 and -16 braided lines are used.

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Porsche Cyls. & Rods BMW Cyl. Head Tensioners Cam Sprockets Lifters Roller Rockers

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Specialty Tools

Building quality race engines is a tedious and time consuming job when properly done. Many years of building race engines has led us to investigate and develop new and more accurate methods to accomplish our assembly objectives more accurately and efficiently. Often, this required unique assembly methods as well as the fabrication of "special" tools. While our methods are not available for public consumption, some of the "special tools" we have devised along the way are, and we know you will like the results if you try them.

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Degree Camshaft Cam Installation Tools Cam Installation Tools Wire-Loc Installation

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Cam Installation Tools

Ring "Squaring" Tools